Chris Rovillos is a Seattle-based product designer with 5+ years of experience leading design at a startup helping people become more energy efficient.

I’ve led design as the first UX hire at EnergySavvy, a startup providing customer experience and engagement solutions to more than 30 utilities across the US. I speak both design and code: with dual backgrounds from the University of Washington.

I carried out user research, interaction design, and visual design as EnergySavvy doubled to 70 employees—pivoting from siloed products for energy-efficiency programs to a unified customer experience personalization solution.

I’ve created the company’s first responsive-design products, implemented a design system and style guide, and defined a design-to-development workflow.

CX Personalization Web App — Initial Build-out

Designing a responsive enterprise web app from scratch used by utility program managers and marketers to personalize customer engagement. Unified two separate products: reducing code and design duplication and providing a flexible framework for the future.

CX Personalization — Initial Build-Out

CX Personalization Web App — CSR Tools

Expanding the CX Personalization web app to help utility CSRs recommend personalized actions to low-to-moderate income customers, compare time-of-use rate plans, and see a 360° view of utility-customer touchpoints.

CX Personalization — CSR Tools

Customer Rate Plan Comparison

Educating customers at a major southwest utility on new time-of-use electricity rate plans and helping them pick the right one for their needs.

Customer Rate Comparison

Personalized Energy Reports

Driving customer behavior change with print and email home energy reports sent to 70,000 customers of a major southwest utility. Resulted in 500+ MWh of load shift and 500 MWh of energy savings.


Business Online Assessment

Developing an online self-service assessment to engage SMBs in utility energy-efficiency programs.

Business Online Assessment

He’s the perfect designer. He can take an unstructured problem and ambiguous direction and make great designs appear out of nearly thin air. But more importantly he can then iterate like crazy on it taking in all manner of input and feedback…user interviews, quantitative-automated testing, feedback from all over the org and so on.

— Aaron Goldfeder, CEO, EnergySavvy

Chris is a collaborative, hardworking, and talented UX designer who excels at practical application of design principles in scrappy startup environments.

— Kevin Woley, VP of Product, EnergySavvy

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