Born and raised in the Northwest, but I’m looking at you NYC!

Originally from the Portland area living the Dream of the 90s, I moved to Seattle in 2010 to attend the University of Washington. I graduated in 2014, double majoring in Human Centered Design and Engineering and Computer Science.

During my 5+ years at EnergySavvy (now part of Uplight), I’ve been a UX generalist advocating for the user—whether a utility customer or an employee. I created journey maps and user flows; conducted ethnographic research, user interviews and usability tests; made quick-and-dirty sketches; and obsessed over pixel-perfect UI design. Balancing all this with the engineering constraints of a startup focused on achieving profitability was not an easy task.

When I’m not at my 9–5, you’ll find me out and about building my skills as an amateur photographer (link to Instagram), advocating for higher density and public transit, or indoors playing some moody indie video game (Inside).

I’m a militant—and fast!—walker. Even with Seattle’s hills, you’ll find me walking to and from work. And don’t get me started about when people stand on the left on escalators.

Wrong or no access token.